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I hand wound the secondary, and the current toroid is just a paint can lid. 13.75" Secondary w/ 26 gauge magnet wire 5 winds for Primary of 10 gauge copper wire 2 7500 kv @ 30 mA transformes hooked up in parallel 25KV 10nf ( 0.01 uF) capactors (thanks to my teacher) Category … View Video

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gauge wire, garage door openers, ir sensors: plugmold, neutral wire, hot wire: Hi. Unfortunately, you can t use a GFCI with this set up. The GFCI compares the current in the hot wire and the neutral wire, and shuts it down when it is not equal. copper wire, gfci: Hi Craig, … Read Article

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Distributor and service center for thin-gauge metal foils, strip or sheet. Inventory includes aluminum, copper, stainless and carbon steel, lead, Produces continuous-cast copper rod, wire and cable products and specialty chemicals and molybdenum. … Read Article

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Insert a short piece of copper wire into each potato. Put the wire as far as possible from the nail. Use an alligator clip to connect the copper wire of one potato to the positive (+) terminal of the clock's battery compartment. … Read Article

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Current leaks into or out of the circuit through the sheath, Lead Wire: Errors that occur because a 4 wire or 3 wire measurement is not used, this is greatly increased by higher gauge wire. The above Wheatstone bridge method uses a little more copper wire and is not a perfect solution. … Read Article

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To reach the desired size. The American wire gauge scale is based on this. This can be done on a small scale with a draw plate, The best example of copper coated wire is in MIG wire or Co2 wire used in welding. Current events; Random article; Donate to Wikipedia; Interaction. Help … Read Article

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