Copper Wire Sales Opportunity

Are you a supplier of copper wire? Are you seeking new customers? If so, you should check out this opportunity…

The ETAL Group, part of the international Kamic group of Sweden, an important designer and manufacturer of transformers & inductors for the telecommunication industry with facilities in many countries, is currently seeking to purchase Copper Wire with the following specifications:

1. Copper wire Enameled 0.9mm UEW/U or UEW-2 130°C – UL Approved.

2. Copper wire Enameled 0.65mm-UEW/U or UEW-2 130°C – UL Approved.

3. Enameled Litz Wire 6X0.7mm – UEW-2 – 130°C – UL Applicable.

All offers should be made with price/MOQ/lead time. Samples will also be required.

All offers as well as enquiries for further information should be made by email direct to Mahesh Sanjeewa.

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