Copper Wire Dowsing

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This is the kind of dowsing I also use to connect telepathically with my Guides; that is who my questions are addressed to. The materials used are copper wire (18ga & 24ga), brass wire (22ga), and semi-precious gemstone beads. … View Video

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Dowsing 3,044 videos Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 29; 5:49 What Is Dowsing and What Can You Do With It? by TouchstoneVibrations 33,236 views; 9:45 peter taylor down to earth water dowsing part 1 by TheJMVEC 21,034 views; … View Video

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The measurements across the wire seemed to support the theory here too. The existence of these very fine electro magnetic but some verification is needed as to wether dowsing is actually detecting these I also used two copper L shaped rods to follow a water pipe running underground at … Read Article

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The function of the two flanking copper pieces is to hold the central plumbing pipe in place. To accomplish this, the flanking copper pieces will be secured in the ground, then the plumbing pipe will be joined to them, using wire. Page 8. … Read Article

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